MTV / Nokia - É desta!

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    Nokia and MTV Portugal had a common theme. Music. They wanted to use MTV's data base to activate it for the new year's season.

    We created the "É Desta!" (This is it!) new year's resolution campaign. We challenged the target to share their new year's resolution with the community. They did it by uploading a photo, customising a headset and their clothing, and writing down their resolution. The text was transformed into audio, animated automatically, and everything was shared online (website) and on TV (mini-spots).

    Art Direction / Design / Motion Graphics.

    Awards & Recognition
    Bronze award at the Portuguese Creative Club Festival 2009, in the Minisite category
    Shortlist at the Portuguese Creative Club Festival 2009, in the Motion Graphics category.

    Co-Designed with Rui Abreu
    Flash Coding by Paulo Afonso
    Coding by João Campos
    Sound Design by Jean Santos
    Copy by Paulo Costa
    Sketches on the video by David Carvalho
    Creative Direction by João Fernandes
    ©2008 VIEW Isobar