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Gold Award for Telenovela Promotion Promax/BDA 2011 Latin America. 
© 2010 MTV Networks Latin America
Show Open
Teaser campaign:
Lolita / Performed by Belinda / Niñas Mal main theme videoclip:
Outdoor & Off Air Campaign:
Photo shooting stills:

Three gorgeous and sexy girls looking for their place in the world, following their dreams, living, loving and fighting against a too cold and grown up world.

Rich girls will break your heart!!!

Niñas Mal (Bad Girls) was the first teen soap opera produced by MTV Latin America.

Promax/BDA 2011 Latin America.
Gold Award for Telenovela Promotion


Creative Director: Juan Frontini 
Creative Art Director: Camilo Barria

Brand Development, Campaign Art Direction:
Camilo Barría, María Luisa Collazo.
Logo Design:
María Luisa Collazo, Camilo Barría.

Show Open:
Director: Camilo Barría.
Assistant Director: Alejandro Nanton.
Cinematography: Diego Poleri.
Wardrobe: Jime Labraña.
Make Up by Lola
Models: María Lafita & Barbara Ferrari.
Production Company: INSOMNIA FILMS.

Julián Castro & Alejo Rosemberg.
Cinematography: Andrés Sanchez.
Executive Producer: Fabián Zayat.
Production Company: Gloria Films.
Original screenplay: Camilo Barría.

Campaign, Music clip On set Art Directors:
Andrea Díaz & Carlos Eduardo Cleves.

El Silencio, Bogotá.

LOLITA by Belinda

© 2010 MTV Networks Latin America