MTA Permanent Artworks: Finalist

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  • Seneca Avenue Train Station:
    For me, the most visibly unifying aspect of the multi-ethnic enclave that is Ridgewood, Queens was the handsome brick row houses aligning many of the streets I passed. The 8 mezzanine windows of the Seneca Avenue Station are dedicated to these imposing yet beautifully crafted facades that provide well-preserved examples of architectural history. I created a series of richly-detailed illustrations from the many photographs I had taken, making sure to note the textured brick-work, bracketed cornices, window lintels, sills, and caps, as well as the door enframents.

  • Forest Avenue Train Station:

    The artwork for this station was inspired by 4 oddly placed manhole covers found at the intersection of Onderdonk Avenue and Stockholm Street just before the historic block boasting Ridgewood’s only extant brick-pavement. I thought it would be an interesting and unique idea to create a series of playful, colorful and whimsical “street” medallions.

  • Fresh Pond Road Train Station:

    For the final installation and station of this project I wanted to create something analogous to the eerily-serene dystopian landscapes that characterize many of my textured and painterly architectural illustrations. The highly suggestive name: Fresh Pond Road stands in stark contrast to the actual physical appearance of the location as it is today and I felt a large mural would be the perfect opportunity to visualize a fantastical and imaginative landscape that would combine “what is” with “what once was” or “what might be”.