MSU Novi Master Program

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  • In a team of 6, we created a full-scale advertising campaign for the Advertising and Public Relations Masters program offered in Novi, MI through Michigan State University. For the past 11 years, the program has existed by word of mouth only.
    Our solution:
    We positioned the brand as a step along your career path aiming to expedite your success in the long run. No matter which stage you're on, you can Journey On with us.
    My role: web designer and social media planner
    I designed a new website for the program using the brand guideline we designed together. And did in-depth marketing research on how to promote the program through social media.  
  • Media plan's book
  • Web present: banner ads on leading news website in detroit area
  • Poster series-out of home
  • Poster series-out of home
  • Guerrilla marketing: Detroit airport
  • Guerrilla marketing: Detroit people mover
  • Guerrilla marketing: Detroit airport
  • Program website