• MOV ME is an interactive art installation, part of the Play with me project, where visitors are encouraged to bring their creativity to the limit. The piece is focused on natural interaction: taking advantage of technology in order to make it invisible. Making things easier and accessible to anybody.

    MOV ME is an intelligent automatic stop-motion machine. It detects when you're standing still to shoot you a photo. Then, you change position and when you're standing still again, it shoots you another photo. Over and over until you'd like to stop. Then it processes all the shooting, and within seconds you have your piece served! Enjoy!
  • MOV ME has been done in:

    Día C (El gran día de la creatividad) at Teatro Calderón, Valladolid (Spain) - 19/20 April 2012
    Pull&Bear (Flagship store opening) at Gran Vía 31, Madrid (Spain) - 15 December 2010
    Sudala (International design festival) at Teatro Caupolicán, Santiago (Chile) - 27/28 August 2010

    If you like to see all the results, take a look at Play with me website.
  • Video summary of MOV ME Sudala

  • People using the installation at MOV ME Día C

  • When seeing your piece on the website you can download a GIF sequence or a JPEG sequence, in order to share it wherever you want