MOUNTAIN _ interior design

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  • Mountain
    restaurant and bar interior design
  • Mountain is a restaurant/bar with an organic and natural concept. This project involves remodelling the total area, which includes the restaurant, the bar and the esplanade.
    Taking into consideration where the project would takeplace, the Caramulo mountain range, characterized by its natural beauty, on the inside of the restaurant you would be able to find wooden art and warm colours like dark yellow and bordeaux. For the esplanade area, we would go for a younger and more joyful environment, by choosing colours like bright green, metallic tones and transparencies brought forth by glass that would provide a direct contact with the natural outer area.
    This project responded to a public works contract and passed by the delivery of a complete budget. We should deliver a contract provisions with the necessary legal terms for the implementation of the work and all technical specifications of the products to install.