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  • "TAINTED LOVE"  a graphic novel by Orlando Jones
    Title screens & Typography: Petya Savova
    Animation & Post production:
  •  Trifonic-hidden dimentions
  • Self_promo

    Concept and animation:Me
    Sound:Kaloyan Dimitrov

  • The magic
    ae title reveal made while working at
  • Cinesound logo

    ae test made while working at

  • Stolen Moments
    part of 'Stolen Moments' music collab between Trifonic and Drasko Vucevic
    Animation and concept:Petya Savova
  • Be Water, my friend

    Short AE movie made while working in

    "Don't make a plan of fighting
    that is a very good way to lose your teeth
    if you try to remember you will lose
    Empty your mind
    be formless
    like water
    put water into a cup
    becomes the cup
    put water into a teapot
    becomes the teapot
    water can flow or creep or drip or crash
    be water my friend"
    Bruce Lee
  • Airtracks
    Sound by Me

  • After effects motion test made while working in

    Promotional video for ADDMINIMAL Creative Studio
  • Weather cast for Today
  • Dust
  • Madonna_Mtv

  • Creativity takes courage
    ae test made while working at