Smart dining table for small family

    Smart Dining Table
    - Innovative Design Based on System
    - 2013
  • MORGAN is not just a dining table but it acts as a main control tower at home. Its compactness and converged functionality perfectly suits to small households, efficiently manages foods, personal nutrition, and energy consumption.
    Morgan’s table-top is a flat surface with integrated full multi-touch display. with this huge display, no additional display is needed at the kitchen. In fact, most of the kitchen appliances that have built in display are bulky enough to occupy the kitchen space. They need only the sensors which can collect the information and send it to Morgan. Morgan is connected to every smart appliances at home, collects and manages all available information, and show them via its huge display.


    A table is usually placed on the center of the kitchen which is the most occupied & shared furniture by family members at home. There is no better choice of appliance than a table to have a built-in display considering the shape, size, space occupation and overall effectiveness of showing information at the kitchen.

    MorganOS supports an app & widget-based user interface which is expandable and customizable in every aspect. The whole display area can be used to stream media, or a digital frame for high resolution images. Various touch control allows the user to move, rotate, enlarge, and minimize the widgets and apps within the edges of the table. Multiple apps and widgets can be run and used by mutiple users simultaneously.  User can access to smart appliances that are connected via wireless technology, and perform various tasks including status check and energy monitoring. With these features, Morgan acts as a main control tower or hub of home, removing the borders between the kitchen and the living area.
    Compact sized fridge that can store several side dishes and beverages is attached to the bottom of the table. The fridge is detached by holding the button on the handle. Press and release the top door to elevate all the compartments to an eye level. It has wheels that makes it mobile, which allows the user to carry it to other areas at home. User can store side dishes and beverages that are frequently served, in order to omit the movement of reaching the main fridge and coming back to the table, or vice versa. The fridge has rechargeable battery located on the bottom which can be charged when attached to the table, or plugged into electric socket located anywhere at home.
  • Rapid prototyping = insane sanding....
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