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A personal project, namely a desk lamp, influenced by some work of René Magritte. Also tried to reduce the production cost as much as possible.
The idea behind this project or the aim was to produce something inexpensive and without the usage of machinery, therefore, handmade. Also I wanted something that was capable of receiving different finishes according to the client will. That said and although I only have one example here, this product can be painted using oil, graphite, colored pencil there is virtually no limit to the finishing you can chose.  Also and let me tell that the cost production for this product is very low, seriously low. I´m very happy with it, because I produced something affordable and if I may say so not that ugly,well 
perhaps the aesthetic part needs a bit more work. 
Also you should keep in mind that this is a personal project.
I started with some simple sketches, quick ones, just to capture some basic forms and later I could re-sketch it. Here are some of those quick sketches.
This first sketch was inspired by a chestnut.
This first sketch was inspired by a mushroom, therefore the name of the product being MOOSH ;)
Another sketch 
Another sketch, I think these ones resemble more with a mushroom although the form is a bit simplified. 
After sketching, I decided start modeling some ideas.  
After these renders, I deiced to play around with the aesthetic part of the Lamp, making news ones, but this time applying some materials.
As you can see I decided to use two types of wood, light and dark tones while adding some extra elements to the lamp. 
Another render :)
This was the one I liked more, I think all the elements work fine. 
After sketching and modeling, and picking a final form I decided to produce a real scale mockup. But I had to consider the tools available here in my island also I wanted the cost production to be as low as possible, that said I decided to use “Cartão de Combate” pressboard. I didn´t use any device only my hands to give shape to the lamp.  
And duct tape solves all problems, I was testing the light and also trying to “hide” as much of the cables I could. 
Another view, it may look like it does not produce a huge amount of light, but it produces enough light to lighten up a room
All those wrinkles and creases disappeared, after some hand work with sandpaper.  :)
After building the structure, I needed to move onto the electrical part of it. 
Upon doing the structure and dealing with electrical part of the product, the only thing left was the aesthetical side. I could have done some oil paintings, graphite or with colored pencils but I decided to use Photoshop to create something, print it and the place it on top of the lamp. That said, I created something related to René Magritte. 
As you can see it´s clearly related to Magritte, an object composed by words, and using one of His greatest works as reference.
Now that I have my front and back cover of the lamp it´s time to ensemble everything together. 
Thanks all of you for your time, any feedback is appreciated.