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It's a branding for an event conducted by Merah Putih Club 2009 - 2010, a music festival with Netral as the guest star performer.
Merah Putih 2009 - 2010 Archive
The Brief

MONOPHONE defined as a music festival with variety of music genre performed (from punk rock, rock, jazz, techno, indie, etc) conducted by Merah Putih Club 2009 - 2010 as their final event. 

This event is conducted to strengthen relationship between Indonesian students in Malaysia and also to brag in the existence of Merah Putih Club to all the Indonesian students in Malaysia and to gather more people in the next recruitment. 

The Objectives

The overall objective of the promotion is to attract more than 500 audience to buy the ticket, the main target audience of this event are the Indonesian students whom were studying in Limkokwing, the second priority is the Indonesian students who studied around KL and Sunway, while the third target audience are all the people whom were interested to join our music event. 

The Challenge

Funding is always be the main problem. With the tight distribution of fund, promotion division must think of a way in which is going to blow people's mind and create huge awareness to the event.

The Idea

To brand this event as something more exclusive, more solid in terms of visual and also to solidify the spirit of the people involved in the preparation of MONOPHONE. The brand itself will be the main weapon in promotion strategy in which is going to be an online interactive contest that will test out the sustainability of MONOPHONE brand which is using the first characteristic of the event, "variety". 

How It Works

The iconic and simple logo which is quiet predictable and a bit boring has been created. However, to put more soul into this logo, a contest in Facebook and Twitter has been done 4 - 6 weeks before the main event. All participants are given the basic template of the logo and encouraged to do treatments to the logo and later must tag some of their friends and also the one of the member of committee so that we can select which one should we print later on. The result, more than 40 designs have been submitted, the logo has been successfully socialized through the contest. 

Visual Rationale

For the promotional prints, the keyword for them is "LOUD". The posters we designed must be able to evoke the audience, it must be totally different to the previous Merah Putih 2009 - 2010 posters. 

To combine "NOISE", "SOUND", and the evoking appeal, the photographic images of mouth have been done, combined with hand drawn typography and illustration to distort the visual appearances of the posters. Delicate details and hidden messages are everywhere in the posters while the main information has been kept visible and easier to read. The purpose of this logo is to invite curiosity, not only to make it looked good and eyecatchy. 

From KANVAS archive

Designed by Randy Raharja 
Special Credits to Amelia Agustine
The Result

More than 500 people are jumping together watching NETRAL's Performance, the tracked sales of the ticket reached over 600++. MONOPHONE team has been asked several times to help other university events and event got opportunity to handle the university event. The responds to the event for 2010 had increased and money is no longer a big problem fr Merah Putih 2010 - 2011. This MONOPHONE had successfully touched people's heart.