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Oftentimes, the happiness that surrounds us allows us to forget about sadness.  Yet, a sliver of sadness tends to creep into our minds when we’re left to our lonesome.  To MOKOMOKO, sadness is sign of wisdom, and a driving force to higher thinking. 

“A quest for love’s reason.  A conjuring of courage”MOKOMOKO originate from the Forest of Spirits afar in the North.  They are gentle, reserved, fragile, and not keen on activity under the public eye.  Yet, they are also fearful of being forgotten. Their survival depends solely on listening - for thousands of years, MOKOMOKO grew joyous and powerful from listening to the voice of Nature in the Forest of Spirits.  

Alas, desire and apathy have corrupted the Forest of Spirits, and today, MOKOMOKO live in a metropolis where people do not confide or care for each other.  So they set out on a quest to find love’s reason, with a conjuring of courage.

Creative Background of MOKOMOKO MOKOMOKO’s logo is a combination of happiness and sadness, to signify the significance of both emotions in life.  We hope to tell the stories behind our lives through the adorable characters of MOKOMOKO.