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Supra car product catalog 2012
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Supra car product catalog 2012
SUPRA traces its history to 1974. All these years the company has consistently adhered to his philosophy: just do a quality and affordable items. In Russia, SUPRA came in a difficult 1991. The emergence of the domestic market of high-quality Japanese microwave ovens, VHS-VCR and TV sets caused a stir among Russian buyers, and the technique soon became in high demand. SUPRA recently celebrated jubilee - 20 years on the market. To mark this date came with impressive achievements.
In 2011 the company opened its own factory in Russia. Create new jobs and running a localized production. On the assembly line went first LCD and LED TVs SUPRA. In the near future the plant will start production of household appliances.
Maturity marks stress, and numerous awards. In 2011, for the title "Product of the Year", we have added a number of major titles. So, SUPRA recognized brands number one in Russia. A new direction - energy saving lamps, was honored with the prestigious award "Save Energy" in the category "Contribution to the implementation of energy-saving products in retail markets." Among the other titles - the official sponsor of the Russian Football Championship, a partnership with the charity foundation "Life Line".
As you can see, we strive to ensure that the equipment SUPRA enjoyed great authority in Russia and worked for the benefit of every Russian family.
SUPRA SHOCK - the most powerful radio in Russia!
What is at the forefront when we choose the music in the car? Design and price?
Yes, but in the first place has always been and will power! SUPRA declares in a loud voice:
the new radio series Shock 4h70 power watts - the most powerful in Russia and in the world!