• Sotogrande - San Roque (Cadiz) / Spain
    Collaboration for BDZ Arquitectura (www.bdz.es)
    The MM House resonates with the study of plans and examples of efficient forms distant from the free plan, the linearity or spatial indifference postulated by
    racionalism, which opened so many new doors and was so gratiously followed by many. It speaks a contemporary language, mastered through the expierence of yesterday's
    lessons, which need not be forgotten or ignored.
    The courtyard acts as a filter between the interior life and the yard. The sequence of aternating spaces is clear, solid and void,inside and outside,from the interior space giving way to the courtyard, and from there the garden.
    The inverse experience is equally exciting, from outside in the yard, to the enclosed living, dining and family room, moving from the library to the music room, all
    surrounding the courtyards open the garden.
    The house deploys expressive architectural constants: column, courtyard, fountain, water, stone and metal.
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