"MJH On Demand"

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    "MJH On Demand"
  • Homo Artfex - Work in Progress
    The Homo Artifex Project starts officially with this little piece about the creation of a plastic work by Spaniard artist Mario de Pascual, a very personal creator whose public artistic career also starts with this presentation. It is also the first part of a collaboration between de Pascual and Martínez Romero in order to experiment visual relation among plastic expressions.
    Mario de Pascual has undertaken his creative work after three years of silence, precisely with this recreation of Roy Lichtenstein "Woman in Bath" (1963), named "MJH on demand".
    Director: David Martínez Romero
    Executive producer: David Martínez Romero
    DOP/ Camera operator: Ramón Aller Casanova
    Editing/ Postproduction/ Color grading: Álvaro Martín
    Pictures: Juanda Cortés
    Music: "Come back home", Fer Reivents
    Shot in Canon 5D
    Eldorado Entertainment
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