MIsc. Graphics projects

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  • Misc. Graphics Projects¬†
    These are some examples of what I have done with Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • "bunny"
    I created this by first drawing it free hand and then scanning it. I then edited it and colored it using illustrator.
  • "Party In The USSR"
    I made this for prom in 2010 at my high school. The theme was "Party In The USA" and i thought it was stupid so i made my own theme and had these made into t-shirts for people. I altered the Trojan head logo from my school into a Stalin head using illustrator and Photoshop.
  • "prom"
    I made these for the real design contest for Prom 2010 and ended up losing and making the previous design and printing them for people. All done with Illustrator
  • "Curtains Poster"
    This was my poster design for our High School musical. They picked it out of a few posters and then decided not to use it. It is all done in illustrator.

  • "Curtains Shirt"
    Our High School musical was "Curtains" one year and this is my t-shirt i designed for it. They had a vote for who's design won, mine didn't win but i still put a lot of hard work into it.
  • "ZOMBIE"
    I drew all of these letters and edited them in illustrator and made this zombie, it's a typography using my own font. This is one of my favorite pieces.
  • "SOL Album"
    I made this album art for a friend of mine, his band was in need of some art and so they used mine for a few copies of their EP. I used Ilustrator and photoshop, all of the drawings are freehand and then scanned in.
  • "FVC 1-3"
    This logo was done for the Fox Valley Conference art show, all done in illustrator.
  • "FVC 3-3"
    This logo was done for the Fox Valley Conference art show, all done in illustrator.
  • "CGHS Handbook"
    I made this for Cary Grove High School's handbook design contest. I didn't win again, but I liked it a lot. This was all done with illustrator.
  • "Rising Artist"
    This was an art show that my school had and i made these designs using Illustrator.
  • "my name"
    This was the cover of my portfolio in High School, still really like this one. All with illustrator.
  • "Zombie squares"
    The project was to make 25 squares with a unique theme. I chose Zombies. Some of this is hand drawn and put into illustrator, the rest was made solely with illustrator
  • "monogram"
    Since I made this in High School I have not been able to escape it, using it for a watermark and putting it on everything i make. It was all done with Illustrator.