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    Mixed Media Sculptures
  • Aside from a rich aesthetic experience, the ceramic and mixed mediasculptures I create are aimed at inspiring and rekindling a sense of ourbelonging and interconnectness within the world. Together with humanity’s long ritualistic associationwith clay, the organic nature of the medium acts as a trigger, reawakening thisinterdependent relationship
    The clay component of the sculptures are wheelthrown, enclosed andaltered to reflect the organic qualities of the landscape. The application ofvisually tactile glazes and surfaces heightens the connection of the sculpturesto the environment, so that the viewer is drawn closer to their natural selfand their innate belonging within the natural world. Sculptures arethen given greater depth by combining them with other materials, including both found and natural objects, which heightensthe visual tension.
  • Bountiful Earth
  • Egg Series
  • In the Balance
  • Rescue Pod
  • Colony
  • Egg Series 1
  • ContaiNature