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    Type poster seriesĀ 
  • Starting with just one word of you choice, a series developed adding a new layer on top of the existing poster each time. Type became more expressive as the new layer abstracted the old one. With the first poster, Miscommunication, the type is meant to illustrate the word with each letter stepping off the next, making the word hard to read at first. The next layer is a message, as the old layer becomes textural we clearly read the phrase, that is taken in by the darkness (We Live In A World Screaming Into Nothing). With the rest of the layers we see the last fade way but not gone completely, helping to expressing the meaning of the words that lay on top. The last layer is random; taking a layer from a classmate we were meant to slap this new layer on top to further abstract the poster. To break it down, Layer 1 is about internet forums and community sites, everything we read getting jumbled and not reading into anything. Layer 2 is the void, the fact that we in reality are talking to nothing, we are screaming into nothing. Layer 3 is how these things are supposed to bring us together, ala Facebook, Twitter, etc. The illusion of connection causes isolation. Layer 4 has a poetic meaning because the randomness of what we find online is constant and never-ending.