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    - SS13 CATALOGUE -
  • MISC. /mis.kel'la.ne.us/ mixed, eclectic, assorted, diverse.
    - BRAND -
    explores the boundaries of what sneakers and relaxed footwear can be. Our designs echo traditional shoes like dessert boots, boat shoes and classic sneakers infused with our own interpretation.

    Established in Leon, Mexico, MISC. collaborates with local suppliers and manufacturers for most materials and processes, while keeping an eye out for unique ingredients, wherever they come from.

    For SS13 we worked with a legendary textile factory in Mexico to produce some great foot-loomed, hand-dyed, hand-woven fabrics. We are presenting five different shoes using these textiles and leather from renowned local tanneries.

    Materilas are very important this season, form textiles and leather to crepe and presenting our own hand-built rubber sole. Designs were kept quite raw in order to show off the materials and craftsmandhip involved, especially in the hand sewn models.