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    By the time (2013) I was contacted for this project by Ministry of Sound.

    Yes, the big big dance music label, besides than a cult classic club into London,
    just check Wikipedia and try to imagine how much I was happy discovering it.

    It was for a pitch to design their annual cover, so a competition between me
    and other designers selected for the commission to get the duty to design
    the full package of the album + other stuff like posters etc.

    I haven't won, but for sure it has been a great experience.

    Here I will show my applications and a few other things.

    Hope you like it, enjoy!
  • I've been inspired for this project by the legendary italian designer Bruno Munari (1907-1998) and his "synthetic alphabet", an uppercase typeface which its purpose was to simplify at the maximum their shapes remaining at the same time clear to read.
  • They gave me the permission to include special treatments for the print.
    Obviously, these following images are digital simulations, so you have
    to imagine them applied if printed.

    notes / special treatments

    > screen printed gold
    for the MoS logo + mixed by

    > screen printed glossy white/black
    for the annual lettering

    > matte paper for the background
  • v.1_view_digipack
  • v.1_view_vynil
  • notes / special treatments

    > screen printed white
    for the MoS logo

    > screen printed glossy cyan/yellow/acid green
    for the annual lettering + mixed by

    > matte paper for the background
  • v.2_view_digipack
  • v.2_view_vynil
  • The following designs are based on a die cut design, so creating two layers for the cover,
    one removable as shell and the other one as real body of the package.

    The first one is clear and the graphic is made by the die cut design of the logo on a side and the annual lettering on the other, the body of the package instead has a graphic texture that you can see throught the cutted part of the shell.

    notes / special treatments

    > first layer (shell) matte paper

    > second layer (body) glossy paper

    > orange layer screenprinted fluorescent
  • (above) die cut scheme > shell / package / assemble
  • v.3.1_view_digipack
  • v.3.2_view_digipack
  • v.3.3_view_digipack
  • v.3_view_vynil
  • notes / special treatments

    > first layer (shell) matte paper

    > second layer (body) glossy paper

    > shell layer silver paper
  • v.4_view_digipack
  • v.4_view_vynil