MINI - How do you drive your coffee?

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  • A unique testdrive to reach the working people of the Netherlands, via their beloved coffee.
    Special computerchips in the MINI's analyzes the driving style of the driver and automatically links it to a matching coffee profile.

    A mellow driver will get, for example, a mild americano...
    ...While an average driver is given a Lungo.
    The Lewis Hamilton kind of driver will get a strong ristretto, provided that he doesn't crash the car

    After the test drive was completed, the computer chips had analyzed their driving style,
    and a perfect coffee match was established and handed out, for them to enjoy.

    Published: 2012
  • Credits:
    Executive Creative Director: Bas Korsten
    Creatives: Jeena van der Heul, Ben Goedegebuur
    Art Directors: Jeena van der Heul, Maarten Vrouwes
    Copywriters: Jeena van der Heul, Friso Ludenhoff
    Designers: Richard Beerens, Fâris van de Lisdonk
    Concept Producer: Esther Berger
    Development: Trilab