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    "The practice should be the result of reflection, not vice versa."

    This should be the most important point if you start a new project.
    Thinking about what you want to show, what topic and how do you want present it is essential. 
    For me it is most important that my artworks not only just a cool image, it shall be the visualization
    of my thoughts, my mind and shall represent my opinion. It shall show my view on a topic. 
    Of course in my personal style.
    Before I start a project I made a mind map. Just for me.
    To organize my thoughts. It is really helpful.
    So be creative! Be unique in your originality and stand out from
     the big gray mass - bea golden light in the darkness! 
      So enjoy this project and let me know what you think about it. Thank you! 

    Take a look at the full exhbition at www.intrinsicnature.net
    mind map
    created for Intrinsic Nature Experiment 13
    digital painting
    work in process
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    intrinsic nature . martin grohs . 2013
    intrinsic nature . martin grohs . 2013