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One from a series of illustrations anthropomorphizing South Indian men in Benglur city, India.
A dusty traffic light junction on my way home has a small tree around which is always stacked those blue plastic cartons which carry packets of Nandini Milk for delivery. One day, on my way back home, having run out of milk, I stopped my bike beside the cartons and looked around for someone. Under the shadows of the tree, sitting motionless on a stone bench was an enormous swarthy South Indian male. 
The Milkman illustration fell into place when I decided to portray him as an enormous Toad. Now he sits among the cartons in the composition, ready to retort. 
Here is the process in the pictures below.
Still something off 
After redoing and adjusting the milk cartons and blackening the ground where the Toad sits, the picture has flow, the composition looks balanced.
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