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  • Modelhubdesign Pty,Ltd.

  • Modelhubdesign Pty Ltd started from 2002 and the office is located at Kuala Lumpur, the west penisular of Malaysia.
    Modelhubdesign Ltd has its services provision began as a Project Management consultancy company for Architecture Firm,whilst the dynamic market has also indicate a geographical spread and segmentation that create advantages and allowed project owners to practise a strategic procurements alliances with its own suppliers,thus for Modelhubdesign,it was considered a challenge to form a better shape for company to maintain customer loyalty through comprehensive CRM methodology and exploring market potentials and continually forming an improvement in supply and contracting office furniture to clients from since year 2002 until year of 2004. 
    In order to achieve a diverse economical undertaking shape of company, Modelhubdesign has made the shifted from furniture sector to interior first fix contracting function of work and it has started its operations in South Australia region and registered as an interior trades contractor, in the purpose to become a diversify contracting firm from product supplies to services providers. It was several proven track of record in succeeding working experience with builders and main contractors throughout South Australia region,thereby Modelhubdesign has established an extensively knowledge in indentifying the initiatives move to implement continuous improvement from analyzed new project leads through strategic local builder associations & stakeholders alliance. 

    In the tendency of increasing production plant invested by foreign entreprenuer in china,product supplies outside china had became a significant impact for local manufacturer,especially for office and interior fitting system and hard-ware product, thereby whichever seems to be a opportunities in the past, would not have been available since after the market revolution. Modelhubdesign has foreseen the statistic thus for Modelhubdesign has attempts in making a better shape for company from direct its representative office from Australia region to china region.
    Since year 2009, in order to cater for OEM building materials also to pursue the exercise of outsourcing for interior fitting system and office furnitures products,Modelhubdesign has remited to identify those qualified manufacturers that can become potential direct suppliers for products that they can purchase and ship directly to the site across the world.
    Therefore,Modelhubdesign is after a long term and sustainable suppliers networks in order to fulfill requirements from its potential clients from increasing demand for varies product categories, such as sanitary ware, flooring, doors and windows, furniture and fittings.
    Our objectives are to identify and explores the possibility to establish a long term mutually beneficial relationship between suppliers and buyers vice versa.