Honours Project /// Third year of Graphic Design

    It’s the year 2042 and books are no longer being printed due to major advancements in technology. In fact, the younger generation has never come into contact with a physical book. Reading is now being done using electronic devices.

    The newly founded METABOOKS, is currently the only publishing company in the world and it aims to reinvent books in their physical form, in order to usher them into the future.The goal of the company, is to introduce physical books to the new generation, by taking advantages of all the latest advancements and breakthroughs in printing technology, which will result in physical books becoming a part of everyone's everyday life, once again.
  • Company promo poster
  • Company promo poster
  • Corporate Brochure, Leaflet, business and promo cards, promo bookmarks
  • Combination map
  • Special box set for golden members. Contains quality papers and pencils, for keeping notes by hand.
  • Details of the papers and pencil
  • Infographic on how to pick your book
  • Infographic about sizes and categories
  • Product Category, promo poster