• Merging bubbles which alter into cars, trucks or engines hard toimagine that all this
    is essentially actuated and driven by this onethick liquid. The elixir of motorized mobilty is oil,
    and it embodiesmovement, energy and power. This work is our celebration of the art of
    engineering and the strive towards progress and perfection.
    Client: Daimler AG, Mercedes-Benz
    Production Company: SEHSUCHT GmbH
    Director: Niko Tziopanos
    Art Direction: Alexander Heyer, Martin Hess
    3D: Timo Jungnik Freiherr von Wittken, Hannes Geiger,
    Niko Tziopanos, Alexander Heyer
    2D: Alexander Heyer
    Compositing: Daniel Hummer, Martin Hess
    Producer: Andreas Coutsoumbelis
    Music/Sound Design: NHB, Wenke Kleine-Benne Agency: SHANGHAI DGM