• Like all great stories, our journey begins with a bean...
  • ...and when two stubby legs appeared...
  • ...Ollie came to be!
  • The idea behind this avatar was to move away from the traditional human avatars
    or 'my face' photos seen in most social networks.
    From the beginning, the idea was to use Ollie as a mannequin on which users would project what
    challenge he or she would have accomplished in real life by accepting and
    completing them through the Tugd.net application.
  • Rather than exposing your interests by 'liking' pages on social sites, Tugd.net allows you to suit up your Ollie
    by completing user-generated challenges that are sent out using your list of facebook friends.
    Visiting exotic places, downing a tray of vodka shots or simply acting silly will award you points
    (also known as knots) in the respective category. These can then be used to purchase category-specific items and gear up your Ollie according to what you would have physically accomplished!
  • Lastly, it was time to bring Ollie to life!
    Keeping in mind the 'challenge' nature of the social application, I created two animated shorts
    that served as a teaser / build-up for the final application launch event.
  • Tugd.net is a collective college design project, where each member
    worked to his and her strengths to bring this project to life!
    The full Tugd.net project will be up soon!