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  • MECMUA is a magazine, published by  "Management Economics Community", a.k.a. MEC, a management students club at Bilkent University, Turkey. 
    MECMUA means "Magazine"  in old Turkish, originated from Persian language.
    At 2011, the editors of the magazine decided to re-organize the magazine with a new visual style and contacted with Alper YILDIRIM and Ege ALPER. The magazine is published every 3 months and it is still active.
    As the art directors of whole magazine design, we tried to create a neat, elegant look which has also "retro-ish" visual references. Each issue has its own color pallettes, which are usually constituted of 2 or 3 contrast colors. We design  unique title headers for each article according to the content of written componentt. For the pictures used, we decided on a photo manipulation technique which will be used continuously.
    Client: MEC Bilkent
    Magazine Editors: Pelin Güzeler, M. Yiğit Öztürkçü, Özge Oltulu
    Art Direction: Alper YILDIRIM, Ege ALPER

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