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  • MEAT font
  • This is one of my earliest known pieces and to date is probably still one of my favorite. In a rush to find something interesting to do with my cow heart I was given by my art teacher to do for my portfolio, I was sick to the teeth of analytical drawings and paintings of it. Inspired by the Helvetica movie, I ran outside and began hacking at the heart into small giblets and rearranged them into pieces you see here. And yes, it was pretty gross.
  • I was quite young when I originally made this, the edited photos were achieved using nothing more than the lasso, zoom and eventual feather tools, each letter needlessly taking up far more time than necessary. Some letters were also the unfortunate result of badly taken photos, such as the Q and R. Thinking back, I think it was merely from holding the camera too high, causing the camera to focus on the surroundings (a pale background) as apposed to the warm, deep hues of the meat.
  • I think the P was my favorite of all the letters. The messy, sick looking tendril-like meat in the centre of the piece was far more effective (and fitting) than a simple empty space.
  • The original files are long since lost, having since gone through several computers now in recent years. I'll make it my mission one of these days to recreate this beast, bigger, nastier and with more photos.