MCCOY (Marion County Commission on Youth)

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  • MCCOY: Champions for Youth
    Focusing on MCCOY's mission, which is to champion positive youth development, I wanted to create an image that could be used on materials for a wide variety of initiatives. Using the MCCOY logo as inspiration, the "champions" image illustrates how adults and youth support each other to be champions in the community.
  • General Marketing Collateral
  • MCCOY Annual Report 2006 - 2007
    Published 10/2008
  • MCCOY Volunteer Recruitment Trifold Brochure
    Inside provides information about MCCOY and MCCOY's initiatives. Backside highlights the volunteer opportunities that are available. 
  • The Real MCCOY E-Newsletter
    Monthly newsletter for donors, partners & volunteers.
  • MCCOY Initiative Marketing Collateral
  • Summer Youth Program Initiative Materials
    Your Treasure Map to A Successful Summer Training Binder; National Summer Learning Day Program; Excellence in Summer Service Education Award Flyer
  • Initiative Info Sheets
    Early Intervention & Prevention; Ready by 21; Learning Network