MCAD Liberal Arts Fall 2012 poster series

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  • MCAD Liberal Arts Fall 2012 poster series
  • Series of 5 screen-printed posters to promote 2 series of discussions held at Minneapolis College of Art & Design by the Liberal Arts department.

    The central design premise was to use a rationalist approach to messaging and hierarchy with the idea that a clear, reader-focused information flow would be inherently visual and interesting due to its emphasis on contrast.
  • An over-arching poster to promote all the events within the two series was created with the idea that it could be used both within and outside of the school.
  • A series of posters was then released to promote each month’s events within MCAD. Taking a cue from Edward Tufte’s “The Visual Design of the User Interface” (a booklet produced for IBM in the 80s) each print uses a color palette that reflects the lighting and foliage at MCAD for the given period. Hence the blues get duller and darker each month and the greens eventually fade to brown.
  • Credits: Dimensions—18x24"; Printing: 3-color screenprint