The matrix 5 is produced by CTMS,
    CTMS is a business unit of the IMC Group, dedicated to delivering tool management services and systems to help customers reduce their production costs.
     The CTMS team comprises tool management professionals in the key areas of logistics, engineering and IT, all critical to cost reduction in the supply chain and manufacturing processes affected by cutting tools
    Whatever your storage and tool management needs,
    the new MATRIX Series 5 is the ultimate solution.
    It comes in 2 sizes – the MAXI and MINI.
    Its fully scalable and modular, so you decide how much storage capacity is needed, and changes are easy to implement.
    Its powerful software does it all with a range of easy to use and clever features.
    Why MATRIX
    Tool handling costs (handling, procurement, inventory and administration) can constitute up to 300% of tool cost (price).
    MATRIX can significantly reduce these tool handling costs by automating and simplifying many of the daily processes, and also provide a useful database for tool and process improvement.
    10 Good Reasons to use MATRIX:
    1.Short distance to Point of Use, saving time to issue tools.
    2.24/7 access to tools.
    3.Less warehouse handling.
    4.Automated ordering and inventory control.
    5.Statistics and reports that allow you to control tool costs and consumption.
    6.Reduced purchasing and administrative costs.
    7.Minimized stock-outs and excess stock.
    8.No wasted time looking for missing tools.
    9.Ability to track tools and their usage.
    10.The right persons receive the right tools.