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  • This was one of my favorite assignments from my Graphic Design Capstone class. In it we were asked to reflect back on our general education courses to find those of significance to us and to then conceptualize a project based on those thoughts.What I found was that I, like many creatives, suffer from this thing called "stupidity with math", and so I had always struggled with it.

    The Math Mastery Kit reinforces the idea that magicians utilize practice and repetition in order to master a skill and so the same principals should be applied to learning math. The Kit provides various interactive pieces and are all tied together in an online community where parents and children can learn together.

    You can see the end product here
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  • The Kit Includes:+ Magician’s Workbook + Think N Blink Flash Cards + Interactive Flash Drive + Magic Markers + Pair & Share Stickers + Cut-Out Character + Spells for Online Content
  • Math Mastery Kit
    Template for Kit
    An interactive web community consisting of games, video tutorials, parental tools, community interaction and free resources to aid in learning and encouragement.
  • BFA Degree Project
    GD400 Graphic Design Capstone
    Art Institute of Austin

    Natalie Davis