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It's done! This is what I've been working on for the last few months, I think it's the biggest project I've done so far. 16 Redesigns of famous Masters of the Universe-characters! I imagined them somewhere in the indie/hipster/fashion-scene, as if they were doing a photoshooting for some magazine. I'm a fashion-nerd myself, so I dressed them up in things that really excist and that I like.
They were hand-drawn on A3, and I plan to print them on fluorescent or glow in the dark paper. And hopefully do an exhibition with them :)
He-Man wears: Jacket - Dior Homme, Jeans - April 77, Shoes - Pierre Hardy
Skeletor wears: Hoody - Loopwheeler, Jeans - Cheap Monday, Shoes - YSL
Man-At-Arms wears: Windbreaker - Nike, Jeans - Flat Head, Shoes - Common Projects
Evil-Lyn wears: Cardigan & Boots - Zara, Shirt - Custom, Pants - American Apparel
Roboto wears: Shirt - Flat Head, Jeans - Iron Heart, Shoes - Common Projects
Trap Jaw wears: Top - American Apparel, Jeans - April 77, Shoes - Vans
She-Ra wears: Jacket & Top - H&M, Jeans - April 77, Shoes - Vintage
Tri-Clops wears: Jacket & Top - Custom, Jeans - Cheap Monday, Shoes - Nike
Beast Man wears: T-Shirt - Surface 2 Air, Jeans - Acne, Shoes - RAF Simons
Modulok wears: Glasses - Ray Ban, Jeans - Imperial Denim, Watch - Nixon, Shoes - Creative Recreation
Magestra wears: Body & Pants - American Apparel, Skirt - Vintage, Shoes - Matt Bernson
Stratos wears: Glasses & T-Shirt - American Apparel, Jeans - Dior Homme, Shoes - F-Troupe
Mekaneck wears: Jacket - Dior Homme, T-Shirt - Trinitas, Jeans - Acne, Shoes - RAF Simons
Webstor wears: Shirt & Jeans - A.P.C., Shoes - YSL
Teela wears: Dress - Zara, Stockings - H&M, Shoes - Stella McCartney
Stratos wears: Jacket - Wood Wood, Watch - Nixon, Jeans - A.P.C., Shoes - Surface 2 Air