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Package design project of the EP "Marianne" by Martinicca Boison.
Marianne is the 2010 ep album by the italian folk-rock band Martinicca Boison.

The project started as an university assignment to design the cover, then they chose my work
and I've carried on the rest of the album designs on my own.

Marianne is a concept album that contains a song of the same name, that referrs directly
to the Marianne Trench, the deep sea cave in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Related to this concept I have developed, in collab with my coursemate Andrea Tamburrano,
two different covers related to the deep ocean sea, one with a frogman drawn by Andrea,
and one by me with a fish pattern background.
It's a love song with the Marianne Trench as location.
So, frogmens in love.
This have been the first version of the cover, plus some variants on the theme.
Package mockups.
Plus a silly variant done for fun.
We decided to keep the frogman into the design, using a drawing of Andrea retouched by me.

Plus another version from me using a fish pattern.
Package mockups.
More than a third version, this image was done for a possible back cover, featuring a photo of the band retouched by me and the title of the second song.
Internal page with the credits.
We've used the fish pattern for the other.
Cd labels tryouts, one with a fish bowl (related to third page of the package with the fish pattern),
and one with the fish pattern itself (to have instead the bowl on the third page).

Client, ironically, decided to have the fish pattern on both.
Final print and package of the ep.

A lot of mess into the last part, having all the credits in the right place and preparing it for the print
(at the time, it was my second album work ever) but happy with the final result.
Riccardo Sabatini | Accademia Italiana | Martinicca Boison
2010 | design updated 2013

Hope you liked it, for job enquiries, prints and co.
ask at

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