'MARBLES' Interactive glowing forms playing with people

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  • Mini-docu Roosegaarde's MARBLES in the neighborhood
    Commissioned by Ymere housing cooperation and the city of Almere, Marbles creates a "Meeting place of the 21st Century" on the C. van Eesterensquare in Almere. The glowing LED forms are an interactive playground for the inhabitants of Almere. At night the creatures respond to human touch with colour, light and sound. 

    In this short documentary the inhabitants tell stories about their neighborhood and the permanent artwork in public space. 
  • Short video 'MARBLES'

    MARBLES are large glowing forms which interact with people via sound, light and color.

    Each MARBLE contains interactive technologies that instinctively respond to human proximity or touch, triggering changes of color and sound. MARBLES are also able to multiply these interactions between themselves, communicating with each other.

    As dusk falls on the square, it appears to be interacting with more than just those who are passing by. MARBLES transforms the public space into an interactive environment of light and play.