MANUEL VANNI - FW2012 - Backstage VIDEO

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  • " Updating the style, starting from its origins, going to seek details that only the true Italian tailoring can offer, details of understated elegance that characterized the male universe from the 30s onwards. Passion, creativity and serenity are the key concepts behind this style and the people who work in its creation. Every single garment created wants to tell the personality of the wearer with the knowledge of dressing men of different ages and cultures, united by a single passion, that for beauty. "

    " The shots used for campaigns designed to emphasize the quality, elegance and attention to detail that characterizes each piece Manuel Vanni, through emotional communication made in locations of undisputed value and elegance. "

    Agency: Diaframma Advertising
    Client: Manuel Vanni
    Photographers: Eugenio Qose & Emanuele Palchetti
    Backstage (Production - Post Production): Paolo Bischi