In 2013 it was all about MAKING HEADWAY in the global trendbook. Moving step-by-step in the right direction – and that meant something completely different for each region. For Europe that meant saving a few countries from financial collapse; for the United States that meant Barack Obama fighting for a second term or a first one for Mitt Romney. And Asia Pacific sought balance between tradition and modernity. The trendbook titles always showed the way: from COME CLOSER to WIDE AWAKE to MAKING HEADWAY. The universal commitment to a global color and design perspective was now entering its third year and paid off completely.
    We declared it the "year of collage,” simply because the time was right. We knew collages would be the next big design thing, so why wait? What a relaxed world we conjured up for ASPIRE TO! How beautiful WITH PRIDE for Asia Pacific! With a store of just 10 images per world we had limited material to evoke magic, but succeeded surprisingly well. We duplicated, retouched, masked and hyperventilated from dawn to dusk.  And we’re most proud of the title. Sometimes second ideas are the best – and if you have been around for a while, you know when it’s a good time to call it a day. A handheld wedge as a symbol of "progress" needs no further explanation. A truly global icon. Sometimes it’s OK to be proud of yourself.
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