MADDALENA, dir. Tomasz Cyz

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    Teatr Wielki, Poznań
  • Maddalena is an opera drama written by S. Prokofiev. A story about love, betrayal, lying and murder is shown in Poznań, at The Great Theatre.  Maddalena is a woman who carry on double life - with his beautiful husband - Gennaro, and her lover, the alchemist - Stenio.  Once, both man find out the truth about Maddalena, they determine to kill her. But finally, the heroine of the opera, provoke a fight between her adorers in which in the end , they die.

    Director :
    Tomasz Cyz
    Maddalena - Maria Mitrosz
    Gennaro - Karol Bochański
    Stenio - Andrzej Bułło