M-net Vuka! Awards - Thuli

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    M-net Vuka! Awards 2011
  • The Mnet VUKA Awards provides a platformfor creatives to produce public service announcements in aid of any chosen charitable cause. This project was completed in groups, consisting of four students per group. Our group also outsourced the (wonderful) sound to talented music students.

    The organisation our group chose to represent is called PlayPumps, a charity that provides clean, sustainable running water solutions to rural schools and communities. The water is provided by installing rounda-bouts at schools, that are connected to boreholes, so that water is pumped to a reservoir at the schools while children play.
    The crux of the scheme is that young girls, who always needed to fetch water for their families, can now be provided with an education. The animation focuses on this inspirational story, following the journey of a girl protagonist, Thuli. The mood is uplifting, motivational and heart-warming.