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     Lyrics is a Jamaican based band that specializes in the marketing and distribution of authentic Jamaican music. 
     The company offers music lovers the ability to buy music whenever,where ever and however they want. Lyrics also
     offers a line of Authentic Jamaican consumer products that can be used to heighten ones musical experience. These      musical accessories include ear buds, Speakers and headphones.

    Lyrics is also my final year project  and will be on display at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing art  in Jamaica along with a variety of other young artist. The show runs from June 2 - 16.

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  • Animated by: Ikem Smith
  • Lyrics Exhibit 
  • This installation is entitled 50 Years. It is a manifestation of the evolution in Jamaican music over the last 50 years of independence. The piece explores all genres and contains over a thousand vinyl, LP, Dub, cassette and cd covers  as well as various album art from digital singles. The overall piece reinforces the possibilities associated with digital distribution and remind viewer that they can have all this music whenever and where ever they want.
  • For more pics from the final year Exhibition...Check out the album below 
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