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    Luxe Developments specialises in building and interior design services for London based clients. The company provides a personalised, tailored service with a great attention to detail and quality.
    The logo was designed as a monogram and creates a single element from the letter L and D to appear as an armorial bearing shield. The typeface used in the logo is Democratica designed by Miles Newlyn in 1991 and released by Emigre.
    Luxe Developments identity is achieved using Adobe Jenson Pro typeface, designed by Robert Slimbach.
    Letterheads, business cards and compliment slips are printed using three solid Pantone® inks and the logo symbol is embossed on a subtle uncoated smooth paper manufactured by GFSmith. A special die cut shapes each stationery with three radius corners. Business cards were printed on duplexed substrates to reach 700 gsm and a orange solid ink fore-edge printing process was used to print on the cut, outside edges of the business cards.

    Art Direction: Denis Mallet
    Designer: Geraud Soulhiol, Denis Mallet