Lustful Noise | Collective Composition

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  • Lustful Noise is the result of four months of work by six multi-dimensional musicians that actually never met in the studio. Under the direction of Kostas Loukovikas, who composed the basic DNA of the track two years ago during the recording sessions for the 4rth album of Consciousness Federation, Emi Vasilopoulou, Ioannis Varelidis, Kostas Akparidis, Evan Karageorgos and Evan Kyratzoglou worked together as a single, conscious mind to create this “collective” composition.

    This collective composition marks an experimental initiative, which is bound to begin by InnerSonar, the side project of Kostas Loukovikas & Evan Karageorgos, focusing on collective, multi-cultural, One-Giant-Leap like compositions, where musicians from completely different locations and musical and cultural backgrounds will be invited to participate.

    Lustful Noise will be made available for use in motion picture as is and as a remix pack. Video/film producers interested feel welcome to get in touch