Lurt Av Karlsen

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  •  Lurt av Karlsen: Title sequence & Redesign
  • Our assignment was to redesign a Norwegian TV programme known as 'Lurt Av Karlsen' ('Fooled By Karlsen') starring the Norwegian celebrity Jan Fredrik Karlsen. 'Lurt Av Karlsen' is the Norwegian spin on the more famous Punk'd, and was originally very similar in design as well. 

    The redesign was inspired by festivities and circus. The design takes in key elements from the show, namely Karlsen's laughter and the camera eye. I achieved a playful design through not having any particular rules beside the color palette, and I think the contrast between the overall many sharp and curvy forms really helps to achieve this as well. My focus was to distinguish 'Lurt Av Karlsen' from other programs in the same segment. 

    / 2012
  • Video picture frame concept