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  • Logo and website for Lunch & Friends, the new lunchtime web app for Scholz & Friends employees.

    Lunch & Friends is a lunchtime lottery, pairing together lunch partners - a great way for new and seasoned employees to get to know each other. Design was created as a part of the Scholz & Friends Digital Team.

    Project Team:
    Creative Director:  Marc-Philip Kittel
    Technical Lead: Andreas Maser
    Art Director: Liron Tocker 
    Developers: Aleksandr Lossenko, Merlin Kauczor
    Concept Design: Elias Götze 
    Copywriter: Marc-Philip Kittel
    Motion Design: Alireza Rashidi

    Support in design of PR materials:
    Frauke Müller
    Raphael Kröncke

  • Disclaimer: There is no connection between Lunch & Friends and the cast of the TV series "Sliders". Promotional images of cast members have been used for placeholder purposes only. 

    Bonus Sliders trivia: Peter Jurasik, who played Dr. Oberon Geiger in Sliders season 5, had also played Londo Mollari in the television series Babylon 5.