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    The "Luminaire Post" was conceived of two distinct ideas: an unconventional use of recycled cork and the addition of a new function to a table lamp. The result: the creation of a luminaire that uses cork as structure and cork sheet as a dome. Thus, not only does it create an interesting light effect, but it also has ludic aspects in its use and assembling.
    In a simple and fast way, using pins and fittings, the user assembles the "Luminaire Post”, that also works as a notice board.
    The packaging is small and draws on another reference in the cork universe by using the cork as part of the luminaire body as well as a cap closing the package structure, optimizing its storage, and distribution.
    The manufacture process is simple, cheap and uses sustainable materials, aiming at the reduction of waste, costs and impacts on production.
    Product Design: Vinícius Lopes Leite and Gabriela Kuniyoshi
    Package Design: Estúdio Ignis
    Recording: Vinícius Lopes Leite and Vitor Lopes Leite
    Edition: Vinícius Lopes Leite
    Soundtrack: Sprung Monkey - Garage a Trois


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