LumenOptix: The LRD Launch

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  • LumenOptix: The LRD Launch

    LumenOptix enlisted MassGrass to concept and produce two videos that illustrated the power and ease of its new retrofit downlight technology, which equips contractors, architects and facilities personnel a way to convert their existing downlights to money-saving, long-lasting L.E.D.s virtually overnight. The video was a centerpiece of the firm's integrated marketing campaign that officially launched the product. MassGrass developed a voiceover-based video for web use and a non-verbal piece for tradeshow and conference usage. In both videos, the MassGrass was charged with portraying the installation to reinforce the ease and no-mess retrofit process, while in the voiceover version, develop a script that touched on the whole of the product positioning and messaging. 
    MassGrass Media
    Scott Gleeson Blue, Producer, Director and Post-Production
    Jon Kaufmann, Director of Photography