•                                                                                     LUKSFERA is a mood light decorative
                                                                                        lamp line.
                                                                                        Inspired by paper folding techniques                                                                                     and experiences of surfaces patterns.                                                                                     Each lamp was initially fold of a sheet                                                                                     of paper so as to obtain only one                                                                                     joining edge. The resulting shapes                                                                                     ware dressed in two materials.
                                                                                        An effect is a contrasting combination                                                                                     of lamp base, made of concrete cast
                                                                                        in forms and transparent self-                                                                                      supporting structure of laser cut                                                                                     polypropylene. The material is anti-                                                                                        static, easy to clean and permanent.                                                                                     The light source is LED or halogen                                                                                     option.
  • First we made small polypropylene models.
  • Than we designed base. Forms to cast a concrete.
  • Laser cut polystyrene hips.
  • Working with forms for prototypes.