Ludo, board game design 2007

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  • This is my degree project from 2007. I made my master in packaging design, however the final project become more product design because the study of packaging design was held at the product design department. 
    The idea came long time ago when I wrote a study about the history of board games and I realized that the game called Ludo actually is an underestimated game. Ludo is played by kids or family and the quality of the production of this game is generally low.  
    But why? It is a simple game but is about life. The rules are easy and very similar to the true life, kick or you will be kicked by others while you are heading to the safe end. I was looking for another synonym of life and I found labyrinth. I engaged the two metaphor and a new Ludo was born.
    My aim was to make a prestigious game for adults, with new rules based on Ludo. 

    The structure of the game is including 4 zones. The two middle ring is moveable hence the little "doors" are opened or closed depending on the player's choice. The aim is to move the figure from outside to the inside zone, to their proper places. You can move your figure in any directions, and thanks for always changing board the game is entertaining. 
    Hand made, wood with intarsia.