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Recent painting of a red kite.
 The Seventh Red Kite...
This is the seventh Red Kite I have painted (hence the name) and it had been a while since the last one so I'd forgotten just how awkward they were to paint! Happy with the results though.
 I always start at the wing tips with kites, as well as the beak. Those areas are black ink for the most part and then I start to fill in sections with washes before painting feathers individually...a bit like a jigsaw puzzle.
I got all the darker feathers out of the way first. Sometimes I use masking fluid to keep white details but with the feathers I find it less time consuming to just be very careful where I spread the paint. I use coloured pencil to add definition to the wings.
Adding detail to the tops of the wings...more loose in the marks and less rigid detail...
Et Voila! I add some more dip pen lines to some of the wing tips and around the white areas and he's finished.