Loyens & Loeff · Case Fondue

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  • Loyens & Loeff Case Fondue
    Have a taste of Switzerland
  • Brief:

    The image we created shows that the “Case Fondue” will take place in Switzerland, but that participants shouldn’t count on seeing much of the country. Above all, participants are to work hard and put up with a mere cheese fondue machine.

    The flyer provided a similar disappointment by presenting a beautiful picture of Switzerland. Upon opening the flyer however, you saw that it was just an image on the cheese fondue machine.

    We also created a pen that, when taking notes, would show a piece of bread dipping into cheese fondue.

    Agency: Selmore
    Year: 2008

    Art: TjerkJan Oord
    Copy: Celis Jansen
    Creative Direction: Poppe van Pelt & Diederick Hillenius